15 Weeks Pregnant

15 Weeks Pregnant

Yet another week goes by and today you step into the third week of your second trimester feeling your best. Your 15 week fetus is busy growing up this week with lots of new developments happening with each passing day. As you sit back and enjoy this read, pick up an apple! Yes, that’s how big your little bub is this week, as big as an apple. The length of your baby when you are 15 weeks pregnant is around 4 inches and weight is approximately 70 grams.

How Your Baby is Growing This Week?

15 Weeks Pregnant Fetus
15 Weeks Pregnant Fetus

The external appearance of the face is changing each day and working towards perfection. The ears have migrated and reached the sides of the face. The important change this week is that your baby at 15 weeks begins to start hearing sounds. Of course the sounds on the menu are your heartbeat, rumbling of intestines, breathing sounds and your voice. Yes it can hear your voice, so start talking to your baby! The little eyes are formed and they begin to recognize direct light. Taste buds are forming and soon you may have your little baby react to your favorite taste.

The baby is busy making different facial expressions, giving those developing facial muscles a good exercise.

This week, the arms and legs are growing and finally the head and limbs are beginning to look proportionate. Finger nails and toe nails which have formed continue to grow.

Your baby is swallowing amniotic fluid which passes through the respiratory tract and helps the developing air sacs in the lungs to inflate. When your baby is born, these air sacs will inflate with the air that is drawn in with the baby’s first cry. (Yes. that is why it is so important for babies to cry immediately after birth). Nature has a wonderful mechanism in place doesn’t it?

The skin is covered with fine hair (lanugo hair) which keeps the baby warm till the time that it starts putting on some fat.

At 15 weeks, not all mothers can feel their baby move but if this is your second pregnancy you may just begin to feel those early flutters and this time you know exactly what it is!

Changes in Your Body at 15 Weeks Pregnant

15 Weeks Pregnant Oral Hygiene
15 Weeks Pregnant Oral Hygiene

Your pregnancy at 15 weeks may bring on some new symptoms which you may not be aware of. Many ladies experience stuffy or blocked nose due to swelling of the nasal mucus membranes. Another troublesome symptom may be swollen gums or toothache. You may notice a little bleeding while brushing your teeth. If you are aware of this then you will be in a better position to deal with it. Good oral hygiene is very important at this point of time. The reason this happens is that the hormones in the blood make the bacteria logged in the teeth react differently causing infections. If unchecked, these infections can become severe and lead to surrounding bone infection. So avoid food lodgement and take good oral care.

You are gaining weight by now, but it’s a good idea to keep the weight gain steady. You should be gaining an average of 2-3 kg per month during this time. Eat healthy to maintain your weight gain.

Your 15 weeks pregnant belly is now a little baby bump and clearly visible. Enjoy the attention!

Week 15 Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

There is not much change you will notice from last week in the 15 weeks pregnant symptoms but the intensity will vary person to person as each pregnancy is unique.

  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Constipation
  • Enlarging veins of the legs(varicose veins)
  • Swollen gums and occasional bleeding gums
  • Stuffy nose
  • Joint pains
  • Itching over the skin of abdomen
  • Improving appetite
  • Stretching pains (round ligament pain)
  • Engorgement of breasts
  • Decrease is nipple and breast tenderness
  • Heartburn and acidity
  • Gas formation
  • Protruding belly button
  • Mood changes and anxiety
  • Visible baby bump
  • Back  pain
  • Darkening of acne or moles all over the body
  • Muscle cramps
  • Shortness of breath.

Swollen or bleeding gums can become a problem during these weeks, ensure to maintain good oral hygiene and avoid food lodgement by regular flossing.

The darkening of scars and moles seen in pregnancy is completely normal and tends to regress after the baby is born.

It is very normal for pregnant mothers to feel anxious about a lot of things. You may worry if your baby is growing normally or not. Remember that pregnancy is a normal phenomenon and periodic checkups, vitamins and taking care of your food will ensure that you have a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Diagnostic Tests and Ultrasound Results in Week 15 of Pregnancy

Your 15 week ultrasound will show your baby moving his/her limbs and making sucking motions, rubbing the eyes, etc. The heart rate will be checked and monitored for the normal rhythm.

You also notice that your baby has straightened out and looks taller. If you are lucky you may get to see a facial expression or two.

The 15 weeks pregnant ultrasound can pick up the sex of the fetus, in case you wish to know.

The doctor will also look for any structural abnormalities. The bones are now visible as white bands in the arms and legs.

Any previous medical history in your earlier children and the chromosomal testing done between weeks 11-14 that is triple marker test results will help your doctor decide if you need an amniocentesis.

Amniocentesis is an invasive procedure done between 15 to 18 weeks, where in the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby is collected using a syringe and tested in the laboratory.  The results are accurate and can diagnose chromosomal anomalies like Down’s Syndrome in the baby.

Pregnancy Health Tips

15 Weeks Pregnant Exercises
15 Weeks Pregnant Exercises
  1. With joint pains, and a growing belly it is time for practicing good posture techniques, like sitting or getting up with support, sleeping on one side etc.
  2. Maintain good oral hygiene and avoid food lodgement by brushing and flossing regularly.
  3. Shop for maternity wear that is loose but stylish.
  4. Have foods rich in vitamin C like lemons and citrus fruits. The vitamin C helps in better absorption of iron.
  5. Include foods high in omega 3 fatty acids or add a supplement after talking to your doctor. It is vital for the baby’s brain development.
  6. Follow a light exercise routine like walking or swimming.
  7. Be regular for your ante-natal visits and ask your spouse to accompany you.
  8. Wear comfortable foot wear to avoid muscle cramps. It is advisable to wear flat shoes that are well supported from the back.
  9. Listen to good, soothing music from this week, your baby will enjoy it with you!

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