Newborn Care

Newborn Care – Basics

The precious little gift is here in your arms after the nine month long wait and you have embarked on yet another journey – parenthood. The moment you first hold your newborn is a magical one. It awakens a motherly instinct in you and from that moment onwards, you want to do the best you can for your little baby. Taking care of a baby, especially during the first few days after birth can be exciting and tiring at the same time. For a first time mother, it is very important to remember that there are no fixed rules about how you should bring up your child. Trust your instincts and you will end up doing the right thing as a mother especially when it comes to newborn care. However, new parents can always take help of a good baby care center to learn newborn baby care tips.

After Birth Immediate Care

Newborn Baby Afterbirth Care
Newborn Baby Afterbirth Care

After the baby is born, it is weighed (newborn weight is around 2.5 to 3.5 kg) and checked thoroughly by the pediatrician. A thin tube is inserted to suck out the mucous from the nose so that the baby can breathe properly. Vitamin K is administered immediately after birth. If all the parameters of the baby are normal, he is put on the mothers breast as soon as possible. The sucking initiates and brings on the breast milk and the baby gets the colostrums – which is the thick foremilk rich in antibodies. Before the doctor allows you to go home, the baby must be able to feed either on the breast or by bottle and be able to produce 5-6 wet diapers. After birth the baby will also pass his first stool which is sticky and greenish, called meconium. The baby’s stool, urine output and feeding are the three main parameters which will help the doctor to decide that your baby is doing well. These are newborn care basics that need to be observed with utmost attention during the first month. You may also watch newborn baby videos such as “How to Take Care of newborn baby?” and  “Cleaning and Bathing your baby” to learn the best baby tips for your little one.

Taking Baby Home – Care and Tips

Ensure that you have the car seat installed well in advance. Strap up the baby safely in the car seat. This is going to be your most memorable car ride. The family welcoming the little one at home are the sweet moments you will cherish.

Newborn Home Care

Once you are home, there will be many things on your mind at the same time. Relax, and get help if possible for the first few weeks. After that a routine will get formed. The baby’s nursery or crib should be made ready before the baby gets home. Here are some baby care tips that will help you in handling the baby better at home.

Bathing your Baby

As a newborn care basic, always remember to prepare the baby’s clothes, diaper and luke warm water in the bathing bucket before you begin. Take care of the umbilical stump while giving the baby a bath. The stump dries up and falls on its own by the end of the first week. You may need to apply an antiseptic powder on it if advised by your pediatrician.

Newborn Breathing

The breathing pattern is still maturing in your little one so you may see times when he is breathing very slow and there may be times of rapid breathing. Both are completely normal and you should not worry about it.

Newborn Sleep

Newborn sleep patterns are long. The baby will sleep 18-20 hours a day waking only during feeds and diaper changes. The awake time of the baby will increase with each passing week. Swaddling your baby in the first few weeks, will help him sleep better.

Newborn Feeding Schedule

Newborn baby have a natural sucking instinct when they are put to the breast. The sucking will cause let down of the milk which is needed for the baby’s growth. In the first few days the baby will nurse every two hours for 15-20 minutes at each breast. You must hold the baby on your shoulder after every feed for a burp. If the baby is not crying and making 5-6 wet nappies a day means he is feeding well. If the baby is fussy or unable to latch properly at the breast, take the help of a lactation consultant who can help you with understanding newborn feeding schedule. This is one of the very important newborn care basics that every parent needs to learn. Taking the help of lactation experts proves to be a very helpful solution, especially if your baby is a premie.

Newborn Diaper Care

Newborn Baby Diaper Care
Newborn Baby Diaper Care

The skin of a newborn is very delicate and requires good care. The parents can choose between cloth and disposable diapers. Whichever diaper you use must be changed every 3-4 hours to avoid the trouble of diaper rash. If you plan to use wipes to clean the baby, choose the unscented ones.

Newborn Urine and Stool Habits

Breastfed babies can poop after every stool. The stool is watery, seedy and yellowish in color. Normal urine output of the baby can be assessed by the number of soiled nappies. They should be at least 6-8 per day.

Newborn Skin Care

Your baby’s skin may be peeling off in the first few days. This is a normal phenomenon. Oil massaging your baby helps to keep the skin moist and improves the blood circulation. In Asian countries, it is a daily practice till the baby is one year old.

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