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Privacy Policy provides you with the best technical services to its visitors and makes all efforts for best experiences. The users will feel safe and secure in an enjoyable environment. The site is open to all for surfing but some classified sections are restricted for regular members only who are required to abide by certain rules. The visit to these particular areas would require your identification and some personal details for our record. The usual details asked for are your full name, email address, contact numbers and your residential address. The above information collected will form part of our Privacy Policy.

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All regular users of the are assured that we will never pass on your personal information and details to anyone else, distribute, barter or sell to anyone. The information requested will be according to the intended use of our Website. Your interest in our health newsletter will make your email address a must. Some more details may be needed when you buy anything on our Website. is well introduced in the internet market and can provide ample leads to message boards, chat rooms and various interactive forums besides other website links. In such spheres complete obscurity is not possible. So you will be required to set a personalized account there to facilitate activities. The internet world is expanding Net wise with better and more sophisticated software becoming available. The whole mankind is coming closer to each other, literally being squeezed into ONE NET. So the world around you would like to know more about you as you would like to know more about them when you all surf together. as a matter of right monitors all the information and data that are posted as a precaution to discourage unpopular activities and to keep the site tidy. There are some specific users who can withdraw your IP address and information automatically to track your computer connection’s physical location for verification with regard to the material posted or matter downloaded. Such official requests from Government Agencies are only admitted and no third parties will be entertained without your own consent.

Internet activities are developing very fast and users often wish to know the source from where the good work and beneficial products/postings are originating and also for academic reasons. Your limited introduction is at times helpful for the users and your products. This also enhances the Website versatility. This approach is considered an indirect appreciation and encouragement for good postings. The users listing their products are often interested to trace the areas that are attracting clientage. Keeping all the aspects in view, we believe limited introductions to be always helpful. When we are projecting something, the reactions we follow and should be welcome.

Privacy Policy Change can change and amend the Privacy Policy as it deems necessary without informing the users/members. However, the changes made will be posted in our Website immediately.