14 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to the second trimester of pregnancy! This week onward, your early symptoms of pregnancy begin to fade away giving way to newer ones. The hormones in your blood are making you feel more energetic and like your normal self again but it’s still a good idea to take utmost care of your day to day activities and most importantly of what you eat when you are 14 weeks pregnant. Your 14 week fetus is growing each day and has now reached the size of a lemon measuring 3.4 inches and weighing about 40 grams.

How Your Baby is Growing This Week?

14 Weeks Pregnant Fetus
14 Weeks Pregnant Fetus

At 14 weeks, there are many developments taking place at the same time. The baby’s head is growing and the body is developing fast to catch up with that. By the time your 14 weeks fetus reaches full term (medical terminology for pregnancy that has reached 38 weeks), the body and head will be proportionate in size. The face of your fetus at 14 weeks is now taking on a human appearance with each progressing day.

The arms and legs are growing and your little gymnast is gradually straightening out. Your baby will start with limb movements and clenching of the fist during this week.

The multiple connections that your baby’s brain had started making last week now show its effect. Little facial muscles are developing and these now respond to the baby’s moods so there will be a frown, a grimace and some very cute facial expressions happening this week. Don’t be sad that you can’t see them yet, once your baby is in your arms, these expressions are going to fill your lives with joy.

The spleen begins the function of producing red blood cells which will take up the major responsibility of transporting oxygen to all the cells of the body via the blood.

The vital organs of the baby are formed and they now kick into action. For instance, the kidneys are able to function by filtering the wastes and producing urine. Also the liver begins the production of bile this week.

The little fingers open and close and the baby might even be able to get the thumb to his mouth. Here begins the first reflex of your baby “sucking” which will come of great help at the time of the baby’s birth.

The skin all over the body is still thin and now dons a hairy coat of fine hair which will shed off gradually by the time your pregnancy nears the end. The main function of these hairs is to provide a layer of warmth and protection to your baby.

Changes in Your Body at 14 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant Itchy Skin
14 Weeks Pregnant Itchy Skin

At 14 weeks pregnant, you are beginning to look pregnant with a little baby bump. The skin of the abdomen is stretching and might lead to itching. The nipple and areola are getting darker and the reason this happens is nature intended, to help your newborn see and find the nipple easily due to its dark color. If you are 14 weeks pregnant with twins or if this happens to be your second pregnancy, then you will already begin to look bigger in size.

Around 14 weeks you will notice that the urine frequency and urgency to urinate has also reduced and your breasts and nipples are less tender to touch. However there will be times when you will notice a sharp pain in your sides or lower abdomen while suddenly getting up from a sleeping position. This pain is called as round ligament pain and occurs as the ligaments supporting the uterus stretch to accommodate the growing uterus.

Week 14 Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

This week if you come across the question – 14 weeks pregnant is how many months! Well, to this, you can safely announce that you are three and a half months pregnant. Normally this is the time many ladies choose to disclose the news to their friends and family. Firstly because the risk of miscarriage is low now and secondly, it’s about time they begin to have a beautiful 14 weeks pregnant belly which is easy to make out. Apart from this, you will also notice the following 14 weeks pregnant symptoms:

  • Decreasing fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Improving appetite
  • Stretching pains (round ligament pain)
  • Engorgement of breasts
  • Decrease is nipple and breast tenderness
  • Heartburn and acidity
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Constipation
  • Enlarging veins (varicose veins)
  • Stopped feeling in the nose
  • Protruding belly button
  • Mood changes
  • Visible baby bump
  • Back  pain
  • Itching of skin over belly (due to stretching of the skin)
  • Muscle cramps
  • Joint pains

Clogged nose or cold like symptoms may be due to swelling of the mucus membranes of the nose due to the action of the hormone progesterone.

Varicose veins are swollen veins seen of the legs due to increased blood flow and pressure of the growing uterus on the veins. In case you notice them, make sure you don’t stand for long hours and sit with your legs supported up as these tend to worsen with pooling of blood in the lower limbs.

Diagnostic Tests and Ultrasound Results in Week 14 of Pregnancy

At your 14 week ultrasound, you will see your little baby actively moving about in the amniotic fluid. The limb movements will become better defined in each of your visit. The little hands will move to the face, rub the eyes or even open and close the fist. Those moments of seeing your baby moving on the screen are something you would want to capture for life. During major scans, the doctor will be able to provide you with a DVD of some examination clippings, so you can see your baby whenever you feel like.

The placenta, heart rate, cervix length, measurements of the baby etc will be checked during the 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound to assess if the growth is adequate and things are progressing in the right direction.

By 14 weeks, the genitals are developed enough to be visualized on ultrasound, in case you wish to know. However many couples prefer not to find out the sex of their baby. You must convey to your doctor in advance whatever you and your partner decide.

Pregnancy Health Tips

14 Weeks Pregnant Maternity Clothes
14 Weeks Pregnant Maternity Clothes
  1. With an improving appetite, and people telling you to eat for two, tread carefully in the food department and be careful of what and how much you eat. Do not try to loose or control the weight gain. This is not the time for all that. You will have plenty of time once your baby is born.
  2. Take all your prenatal vitamins regularly.
  3. Invest in some good quality maternity wear.
  4. If you decide to find out whether you are having a girl or boy, plan a pregnancy announcement and enjoy the moment. Shopping and nursery decoration are the things on your mind now.
  5. If you have leg cramps, add potassium to your diet. Potassium rich foods are banana and fresh coconut water.
  6. Try home remedies or natural/homeopathic treatments for cold like symptoms. Steam inhalation is also very effective. It’s best to avoid anti-histamines and other cold medications.
  7. Practice yoga postures specially designed for pregnancy. It will help you relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

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