Blocked Nose

What is Blocked nose?

Blockage of the nasal cavity is the universal problem. People from all over the world suffer from the blockage of nose in minimum twice a year. Blocked nose or nasal stuffiness is one of the oldest problems that human beings are confronted with. Reaction of people against it has always been different as for some people it is only a nuisance and for others it has always been a source of discomfort.

Any how whatever the reaction of the people may be towards it, it is undeniable that this blockage of nose has always been very disturbing as it creates difficulty in breathing. Nose is a very vital organ for breathing and most of the breathing is being processed through it so the blockage of nose means interruption in breathing. For those people who breathe through mouth this nasal stuffiness values nothing.

What causes Blocked nose

Mostly it is observed that people suffer from blockage of nose in winter season but this is a mere observation. There are certain reasons that cause blocked nose and they are

  • Infection
  • Structural abnormality
  • Allergy
  • Sinus Infection
  • Pregnancy


The foremost important reason of blocked nose is infection by virus. This infection is known as “common cold” normally every human being suffer from this cold thrice a year. These viruses very easily transmitted in human beings sometimes through air and mostly by contacting with the sufferer.

These viruses compel body to secrete certain chemical like histamine that increases the blood flow of the nose and causes the nasal tissue’s swelling resulting into the formation of excessive amount of mucus which blocks the nasal air way resulting into blockage of nose.

Structural abnormalities

Structural abnormality is very rare case of blocked nose. In such cases the divider membrane and bone of the nose may get injury and creates obstruction in the air path. There are few reasons of this abnormality.

  • Through any kind of accident
  • Nasal tumors
  • Deviated septum


Allergy is a condition that makes a person become ill or develop skin or breathing problems because they have eaten certain foods or been near certain substances.

In the blockage of nose allergy plays a very vital role. In Those people who are allergic with anything, it may be mold, pollen, dust or animal hair the production of histamine is higher than others which cause the increase in congestion and mucus.


During pregnancy many women suffer from blocked nose because of the high rate of blood transmission in the body.

Blocked nose associated symptoms

  • stuffy nose
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • mild fever
  • pain in upper jaw

How to clear a blocked nose

  • Usage of Vicks on your nostrils
  • If you are facing this problem try to breath slowly.
  • Try to keep your chest and nose warm. It will help you in clearing the nose.
  • Nasal saline spray
  • Use steam and take long breaths into it.
  • Never allow mucus to gather in your nose. Whenever required blow your nose gently.

Blocked nose remedies

As far as the blockage of nose with cold is concerned there is no remedy for it. Body takes its time against viral infection anyhow anti biotic may give you comfort in releasing pain and discomforts.
For those patients who are allergic certain anti allergic medicines are available that must be taken after the prescription of the doctor.
For those patients who suffer from structural abnormality surgery is recommended.

There are certain house hold tips for its remedy and they are;

  • Use salt water
  • Apply Vicks on your nostrils
  • Drink as much water as you can to keep your nasal membrane well hydrated
  • Do more exercise it will help in changing your body temperature resulting into the opening of your nose.
  • In case of allergy try to avoid that thing which causes it.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil is very useful and handy. Try to smell it
  • Do not lay straight on bed rather than take a side. If you turn towards left it will clear your right nostril and when you turn towards right it will clear your left nostril.
  • Try to breathe through your mouth
  • Use steam of hot water after mixing some tea, eucalyptus or menthol.
  • Drink hot water or tea with lemon. Try to take sip very slowly by keeping your nose as close to it as you can.
  • Take a warm shower
  • Try to keep your chest and nose warm.


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