Sinus Infection Home remedy

Sinus Infection Home Remedies

Many are affected with respiratory problems. They either have bronchitis, asthma, the common colds, flu and even sinusitis. Sinusitis is one of the most common nasal problems. It affects the paranasal sinuses making it sensitive to anything a person can smell. it can be treated in many ways and sinus infection home remedy is being practiced by many people since it is effective.

Sinusitis is classified into 2 types. Acute sinusitis can happen due to an upper respiratory tract infection due to virus or fungi which lasts for a short period of time. The second type is the chronic sinusitis which lasts for 3 months and longer and it is caused by many problems. The signs and symptoms are more complicated and can even lead to ansomia or reduced sense of smell.

The locations of sinusitis are divided into 4 parts wherein sinusitis can be located. The frontal sinusitis causes pain in the frontal sinus which is below the eyes. The second is the maxillary sinusitis which is painful at the maxillary or cheek area and causes toothache. Ethmoid sinusitis causes pain behind the eyes and headaches occur. Lastly, the sphenoid sinusitis causes pressure at the back of the eyes or on the vertex or top of the head.

Sinusitis signs and symptoms include a constant yet dull pain in both acute and chronic stages of sinusitis. The pain is localize but it radiates when a person lies down. There are also green mucus discharges and sometimes may include pus and even blood. Toothache can also happen along with halitosis, facial fullness or tightness and eventually ansomia for those suffering from chronic sinusitis.

There are various ways of treating sinusitis. It can be dealt with taking antibiotics. For moderate sinusitis, a lower-grade antibiotic like amoxicillin can do. but if the problem is not solved after 7 days of taking the antibiotics, a much stronger drug like Augmentin. If the patient is allergic to penicillins, drugs like Flouroquinolones can be taken. when taking antibiotics, it is important to make sure that the patient eats full meal because the common side effect includes gastrointestinal upset. Steroids- corticosteroids are better options when treating sinusitis. It can be taken alone or with antibiotics.

At some point, nasal wash can be done as a sinus infection home remedy. Before doing it at home, the physician will teach the patient on how to do it in order to avoid problems. Nasal wash is essential to remove the mucus from the nose due to sinusitis. This natural remedy is saline solution made with a combination of sea salt, warm or salt water, and pinch of baking soda. Options to buy the solution in the drug store are also present. Saline sprays have hydrogen peroxide which aides in cleaning he nose. This should be done several times a day and a good alternative for taking in antibiotics or steroids. What a patient must do is to lean forward with head down and then pour the solution into the palm. The patient must then inhale on it one nostril at a time and blowing the nose afterwards. Another tip especially for children would be using apple cider vinegar for sinus infections. The procedure can be done like nasal washing. Any vinegar would do but preferably, apple cider is the most recommended.

Another sinus infection home remedy would include drinking water for hydration. It helps in opening the sinuses making it easier to breathe and avoid head pressure. Water also lubricates the mucus membranes. Aside from taking lots of water, it is quite advisable to have chicken soup. It helps in headaches and some congestion. The ingredients have some anti-inflammatory effects and help soothe senses.

Using a steam or Inhaling in a steam is helpful as a sinus infection home remedy. By doing this,  and in the patient will sit on a bowl of boiling water and inhale the heat. To have a better effect, the patient will be covered with cloth to retain the smoke and should be done in 10 minutes. If it can’t be done, applying moist heat in the face by the use of hot and damp towel for 5 to 10 minutes can be used as an alternative.

To avoid complications and aggravating the problem, it is best to stay indoors. Going out of the houses means exposure to air pollution, dust and smoke that will irritate the sinuses and cause sinusitis. Cigarette smoking or being beside a person who smokes triggers sinusitis attack. At home, it is best to avoid cleaning dusty area because it can trigger an attack.

When thinking of sinus infection home remedies, it also includes ingredients and spices to relieve sinus attacks. One is the use of mangoes. Mangoes, which contain Vitamin A, are known to help form the epithelium which prevents sinusitis.  Spices like garlic and onion can be used too. the Fenugreek seeds are useful. Teas can be prepared with the Fenugreek seeds. When taking it, perspiration happens and moistens the mucus membrane. Then, it will eventually improve the smelling and lessen the sinus problems. Making juices like carrot juice or a combination of cucumber, spinach or beet juice is good for treating sinusitis as well as taking Vitamin A and E.

If the sinus infection or problem is worst and it is recurring, sinus infection home remedies can’t be done alone. Surgery is the possible solution as suggested by the otolaryngologist. The FESS or functional endoscopic sinus surgery removed the pathological and sometimes the normal anatomy that hinders and is directly connected with sinus infection or sinusitis. This surgery is one of the most popular treatment for sinus problems in replacement with the open technique wherein there are facial incisions done. Instead, the surgeons are focused on promoting drainage by the use of gravity. Post-operative complications and problems are minimized with FESS.


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