Vaginal Infection and Diseases

Vaginal Infection

Thrush and urinary tract infection that can affect women and there are other conditions that affect vagina. Vaginal infection can be defined as the infection of vagina due to certain one or more bacteria, protozoal organism, yeast and viruses. The appearance of symptoms in vagina is called the vaginal diseases.

It is important that vaginal infections are also transmitted by sexual intercourse and now days contraceptive pills have emerged out as the important drug in preventing childbirth and replaced the old practice of protective accessories like condoms. These condoms like contraceptive devices not allowed the sperm movement in to uterus but also protected the women from so many vaginal infections and diseases whereas the pills does not have any protection to vaginal infection.

Among other symptoms, the vaginal infection symptoms are more common for a woman to approach a doctor immediately. The vagina normally contains numerous types of living organisms called lactobacillus and they are doing well to the health of the vagina. But when it is infected by various other organisms like bacteria and yeast, the lactobacillus loses their balance in fighting against diseases.

Vaginal infection causes the vagina to turn to reddish, swelled with burning or itching sensation and also the normal discharges of vagina is turned to thick, colored and with bad fishy smell. But however, the discharge of vagina is only a natural process in women and this is seen in the process of menstrual cycle and it appears routinely at the time of ovulation in every menstrual cycle. But they do not have any bad smell. And this turns in its quality during infection.

Among several infection, bacterial vaginosis is the most common infection of vagina and multiple type of bacteria are growing in the vagina like gardnerella vaginalis. During this infection a bad smell having a strong odor is seen in vagina and the discharge begins with white or discolored and thin fluid. The flow of discharge is heavy in this disease than in other types of infections. Burning sensation appears during urination. There is pain during intercourse.

Candida vaginitis is caused by the yeast causing the inflammation of the vagina with thick, large quantity of discharge and they are white in color. The inflammation causes the vagina to have redness, swelling, itching or burning sensation.

image by wikipedia
image by wikipedia

Almost all women encounter another frequent type of infection called trichomonas vaginitis and it is kept in the third place of infection. Unlike candida, the surface of the vagina is not so affected with rare itching and milder burning sensation. But, however, it has the tendency of continuous frothy and fishy smelled discharge. Many of the women are having only fewer symptoms and in these cases it is very difficult to diagnose.

Pelvic inflammatory disease is the term used for any infection caused in the reproductive organ like uterus, ovaries, fellopian tube, cervix and in the lining of vagina. The symptoms may include fever, back pain, lower abdominal pain, discharge with foul odor, frequent, painful urination and painful intercourse,

Generally, the vaginal symptoms appear due to the affection of vagina with certain organism and in several occasion that it is affected by the infection {infection like gonorrhea, herpes or Chlamydia} caused in other internal organs like urinary and genital system. Hence the causes of the vaginal symptoms can not be diagnosed easily and immediately. In menopause period several women are having their low level hormones and certain allergic condition of the uro-genital system may also cause vaginal infection.

Stress is said to be a most important reason for getting vaginal infection and also sexual intercourse plays an important roll in inducing this vaginal infection. In several forms of infection of vagina, the causes are not certain. Antibiotic also plays its roll in causing this vaginal infection and it is true after using a course of antibiotic for other diseases several women is having the vaginal infection particularly with yeast.

Normal vaginal infections as a rule have a minimal to copious amount of discharge with changes in their color and odor. Irritation and pain is almost seen in all the vaginal infection.

Diagnosis of the vaginal infection is made by the clinical appearance of the vagina, history of the patient and with the symptoms of discharge with its abnormal character of odor and color. The vaginal swab results are obtained from labs to find out the cause.

image by wikimedia
image by wikimedia

Treatment is given after finding the cause of the infection. Bacterial vaginosis is well treated with metronidazole but it is having a large number of side effects like vertigo, saliva changes in taste and irritating lips. Clyndamycin is also prescribed to treat this condition. Clotrimozole and miconazole creams and suppositories are used orally to treat yeast infection. Trichomonas vaginitis is also treated with oral metronidazole. Most of the vaginal infection treatment is also given to their sexual partners since it may also affect them by their sexual contact.

Normally colonization of bacteria occurs in the vagina and a healthy diet is required to fight against this colonization. The immune system to be boosted to fight against the infection. The aim of the supplement should be enough to arrest the present infection and preventing the future attack by vaginal infection.

Many clinical trials carried out and eventually several formulations are available in suitable form to fight against this infection and it should be taken for months to achieve good result in treating and preventing this condition. good combination of both multivitamin and minerals are very useful in treating vaginal infections. Vitamin C is very essential for the proper function of the immune system. Formation of collagen is done by vitamin C and collagen is found in the body which maintains the integrity of the skin, bone, tendons and ligaments. If collagen is intact safety is guaranteed from infection.

Beta-carotene is a type of vitamin A and it is believed to help in the formation of collagen and it has the anti-oxidant property. This vitamin is enormously found in the ovaries and inadequate availability of this beta carotene will cause immunity weakness and the body will not able to fight against the diseases and particularly in vaginal infection.

Vitamin E enhances resistance to vaginal infections and it is helpful for healing of vaginal inflammation when orally applied.

B vitamins are water soluble vitamins that are deficient in women who are prone to frequent vaginal infection.  It helps in healthy cell replication after infection.

Zinc is the mineral which helps in boosting immunity, faster healing and prevent recurrences of vaginal infection.
Garlic is the natural form of antibiotic which is able to fight against vaginal infection and to be taken during the infection of vagina.

Lactobacillus is the microorganism that is seen in intestinal flora and it is very effective in resisting the bacteria that affects the vagina and it should be taken orally until the infection is over.

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