Skin Care Tips

Clean, healthy and soft skin can boost our confidence and make us prominent in our peers. A healthy glowing skin cannot be attained by just expensive skin care products; we can make our skin fresh by adopting the following natural measures.

Drink Eight Glasses of Water Everyday

Drink at least eight glasses of water everyday along with some lighter exercises make you perspire more and increase the circulation of blood. It makes your skin healthy and glowing.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Some foods like chocolates, French fries, hamburgers, soft drinks create problems on the skin such as pimples, acne etc. its not recommended to give up these edibles. Try to eat these things at times and replace these with fresh fruits, vegetables. This will prevent your skin from breakouts or pimples.

Veil your Skin with Sunscreen before going Outside

Avoid your exposure to sun as much as you can. If its necessary, go outside after applying a moderate sunscreen. It will protect your skin from Ultraviolet Rays of sun which can cause sun burn, premature wrinkles and in some cases lead towards skin cancer.

Make Proper Cleansing a Regular Habit

Cleanse your skin gently at the end of day. This will remove all the impurities and leave the skin fresh.

Wash Your Face Frequently

Whenever you go outside and come back to home, don’t forget to wash your face. It will not allow the dirt to accumulate on your skin. When you get up and when again go to bed also wash your face again. Avoid the use of soap every time you can wash your face with flour of gram pulse which can remove the excessive oil alongwith other impurities.

Have Bath Twice a Day

Take shower twice a day to clean your skin and stay cool.

Steam Your Face Once in a Week

Steaming let the skin pores open and allow the accumulated oil and dirt to come out. You can have the steam by adding lemon juice in water which can be effective to remove whiteheads and blackheads.

Some other Skin Tips

  • Avoid taking bath with warm water because it leaves the skin dry by extracting the natural oil from the skin.
  • Don’t let your hair a victim of dandruff as it not only damage hair but also a cause of getting pimples on the face
  • Oily skin is very difficult to tackle with. Always use water based cosmetics for it
  • Avoid stress as much as you can because it spoils the freshness of the skin
  • Take green tea instead of coffee or tea
  • Carrots, beetroots and oranges are well known for their miraculous effects in skin care. Try to use them regularly
  • Remove all the traces of make-up before you go to bed
  • To exfoliate your skin, take the powder of orange peels, mixed it with rose water and apply on the skin
  • Mashed papaya is very helpful in clearing the marks from skin and making the skin glowing and bright
  • Plain yogurt is a perfect skin cleanser which is accessible for everyone
  • Honey is a wonderful remedy for dry skin
  • Almonds nourish the skin from inside because they are very rich in vitamin E, mix almond powder with milk or cream and apply on dry and dull skin. it will replace it with a glowing and fresh skin in some days
  • Use lavender oil as a remedy for sunburn
  • If you have rashes and boils, tea tree oil is the best treatment for these problems
  • Eat one apple with a full glass of milk everyday in breakfast, it will clear your skin and make it glowing and fresh

By acting upon on the above regularly, according to your skin type, you will find your skin beautiful and healthy and noticeable to everyone in a few days.

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