Nails Problems – Acrylic Nails – Fungus and Treatments

Human body is a wonderful creation of God. But we humans sometimes get sick when we use artificial supports to enhance our beauty. One of the common illnesses occurring due to artificial beauty support is in our nails. Nails are treated as a dead and worthless body part by many people. Whereas, it has been found through research and studies that nails are amongst the delicate and expressive parts of a human body. Read more on Acrylic Nails.

Nails Fungus, Acrylic Nails Picture
Nails Fungus, Acrylic Nails Picture


Acrylic Nails

Women generally use nail paints and acrylic nails to enhance the beauty of their hands and feet.  Acrylic nails are basically plastic nails used to cover chipped, damaged nails. It is a thin layer of plastic commonly known as false nails. The plastic is sensitive to heat, yet it covers nails against all kinds of environment.

Different types of false or acrylic nails are available in the beauty industry. These include plastic, fiber, silk and gel nails, with different usage methods. The gel nails are once applied and left to dry till usage. The plastic nails are nail molds and they are shaped and trimmed once glued on the nail plate.

The most important question that comes in the mind of any sensitive human being who is fond of trying and using new beauty gadgets is, whether the usage of acrylic nails is safe, or dangerous. And if it is dangerous, then to what extent is it dangerous, whether the harms caused are curable, and how? These false nails are very hazardous for health concerns, as they block the access of air and water to the nails, making it impossible for the nails to get benefit from fresh air and water.


Nails Problems

The most common disease that occurs due to the usage of acrylic nails is NAIL FUNGUS. It occurs because of two reasons:

  1. long term usage of nail paints and false nails Improper fitting of false nails.
  2. Another problem that sometimes occurs is deformation of natural nails, and faulty and damaged growth. Nail thickness, discoloring, and even in some cases spots on nails. Dermatitis, skin inflammation, may also occur rarely.

Nail fungus is a severe disease amongst the other. Fungus develops and grows in a damp, warm and dark place. These conditions are easily provided to it under the cover of an acrylic nail. There are several other reasons causing nail diseases which include long term ailments such as diabetes.

Toe nails are most commonly infected nails because they are not properly cleaned. It is made up of small organisms that can give real damage to your nails. This fungus is commonly known as Onychomycosis. It is seen that nail fungus grows and spreads very quickly. If not properly treated, this may end up in consumption of nail keratin. Amongst the common types of nail fungus and dermatophyte ares yeast.


Fungus and Treatments

Treating the infected nail is very important in order to stop and cure the problem. There are several precautions and treatments to deal with damaged and sick nails. First we will discuss the precautionary measures, and then we will go for the treatments.

  • Keep your nails neat and clean.
  • Try not to use false nails and nail paint for a longer period.
  • Leave your nails bare to remain healthy.
  • Keep your feet dry, avoid damp shoes.
  • Remove false nails cautiously by dipping them in regular nail polish remover. Apply petroleum jelly around your cuticles and fingers’ skin before dipping.

For treatment, you must see a doctor. As a precautionary treatment, one can use tea tree oil which has been reported to be the best oil for such ailments and skin diseases. The physician may advice for surgical treatment in case of immense damage. In milder conditions, tropical ointments are suggested; their application must be continued for 3 to 6 weeks.

All in all, acrylic nails should be avoided, if not possible, one must not adopt them as a regular usage item. Hygiene and health must be given the priority.


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