Newborn Baby – Week 5

How Your Baby is Growing?

The first month went by sooner than you could have imagined and your little one is a month old already. By week 5, you will see many new changes. Your baby’s neck muscles are getting stronger and he is practicing head holding by now. If you keep him on the tummy, you will notice that he tries to lift his head by supporting the arms. Hold your newborn baby week 5 in an upright position on your shoulder and he will try to hold his head straight. But you need to support the head well as it is still wobbly. This week if you are lucky, you may see your baby smile for the very first time. It could be in the next week also which is normal.

Newborn Baby Week 5 – Growth and Development

  • Feeding: How much should a 5 week old eat could be a question coming to your mind. At this age, they feed every 3 hours and if you are using a bottle, then the 5 week old baby feeding amount will be 30-50 ml per feed. Breast milk is lighter and more easily digestible than formula so breast fed babies may feed as frequently as every 1.5 to 2 hours. However, 5 week old baby feeding habits vary from baby to baby.
Newborn Baby Week 5 vision
Newborn Baby Week 5 vision
  • Sleep: Babies this age are already beginning to sleep less. They are more alert when awake and their wakeful hours are increasing from few minutes to around 1-2 hours. They will still nap every 3 hours. Night sleep may begin to improve as babies will begin sleeping for longer hours. Your 5 week old baby development enhances with these long sleeping hours.
  • Vision: Their vision is improving with each passing week and so, it’s time to bring out those colorful crib mobiles and hanging toys. These are the very first activities for 5 week old baby. He also loves to watch human faces, so talk and sing to him. You will also notice your 5 week old baby crying as soon as you put him down after a small play session.
  • Urine and Stool output: This parameter remains more or less same like that of last week. Urine output should be at least 6-8 times a day. Breast fed babies tend to poop after each feed which is considered normal. The stool is loose so you must not worry that your baby has diarrhea as it is perfectly normal.
  • Smile: This week you could see that first toothless gummy smile and it will melt your heart. All babies irrespective of their originality, smile for the first time around this time. That gummy smile is such that it can set things right even after the most stressful day. They begin to get more social as days go by and even show that they recognize you.
  • Crying: Your baby still cries a lot. But by now you have well understood what those cries mean. If you notice the crying to be more than three hours in a day with tightening of the abdominal muscles, your baby could behaving colic. Speak to your doctor about it.
Newborn Baby Week 5 Sleep
Newborn Baby Week 5 Sleep

How is Your Life Changing?

With one month gone, you are beginning to feel better and more like your old self. Take time out for yourself and cook, read or take a long shower. Those few minutes will help you relax in the middle of the day long baby caring job.

If you are lucky, then your newborn baby week 5 will begin sleeping better at night from this week. A chunk of 3 to 5 hours straight sleep at night will make you feel better and fresher in the mornings.

Newborn Baby Week 5 Play Gym
Newborn Baby Week 5 Play Gym

Important for This Week

  • Sleep Training: You could begin this week. Keep your baby in the crib while he is sleepy rather than when he is fast asleep. This will help him to learn falling asleep on his own. You could use a white noise machine as it can soothe a fussy baby 5 weeks. Try to follow a bedtime routine like a quick bath, massage, diaper change and bedtime story. Babies like routines so do these things at the same time each day and you will be able to set a sleep routine for your little one.
  • Visual stimulation: This is also a good time to buy a play gym for your newborn baby week 5. Keep him in a play gym when he is awake. He will love the sounds and the dangling toys. See him stare at them. He will try to reach to reach for them in the coming weeks. Visual stimulation helps to develop their senses better. Keep your baby under supervision at all times and never leave them unattended.


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