Causes of Kidney Infection

Causes of Kidney Infection

Kidney infections get caused largely due to bacterial growth in the pyelos or the pelvis of the kidneys.

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These can lead to overfunctioning or even malfunctioning of the kidneys. These infections are known to be leading causes for glomerulonephritis. Such infections when going way out of hand can be life taking and otherwise can impair daily livelihood in a massive way. Acute cases of glomerulonephritis can cause inflammations which bring about renal glomeruli in both kidneys. These are supposedly involved antigens that bring about reactions that can produce large extended damages. The damages can reach to the capillaries and bring about lots of complications in the body.

Chronic glomerulonephritis is a slowly degenerating disease that can be characterized not only through the inflammation but also through results in sclerosis, renal failure, scarring, etc. These are some of the conditions through which kidney infections start spreading and give out sure signs to the body. Insidiously kidney infections could be bringing in more from within while the outer signs come along pretty early.

When treated from the initial stages, one could save a lot of trouble and wearing off of health. Skin infections like impetigo could really be one of the signs that could be showing up in several body parts as a result of acute show of kidney damage happening inside. Allergic or immune responses are also another way to know but without proper tests it is not always easy to be sure. Streptococcal infections in the respiratory tracts could also be a result of kidney problems within.

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Sometimes kidney infections may be caused through associated infections within the body. These may be pneumonia, malaria, syphilis, hepatitis, measles, etc. All of these infections may have the potentiality to damage the kidney when you are not fortified from within. Taking too heavy antibiotics for long enough could even be damaging to your kidneys. The diseases can spread through a continual process with the chronic glomerulonephritis coming to bring some abnormal structuring of the systemic disorder. When the disease is present for a couple of years it maybe showing up as something chronic.

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The damages to the kidneys could be far fetched by then but then it might not be just then that the kidneys stop functioning. It could be very well for 20 to 30 years hence that the kidneys could be functioning well enough but in case of a replacement that too might be possible for certain times thereafter.


Pyelonephritis is another kidney inflammation that could be a manifestation of several damaging or chronic infections associating and inhabiting the body. All in all it is another chronic culmination that could be slowly degenerating the patients’ renal functions in different ways. This damaging process could take as much as 20 years to show up but then it could get more rapid near the end. Renal insufficiency and failure are the ultimate disastrous ends to this aspect. Patients would not have adequate support to look up to if the treatment is not done at least mid way for the last stages happen to be most accelerating in damage and very painful.

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