High Protein Breakfast Foods

High Protein Breakfast Foods

What will you eat for the most important meal of the day? Will your breakfast include high protein breakfast foods?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because we are going to feed the tummy after a long break of eight to six hours.  In addition, all of your body’s functions have been getting great rest during the past 6-8 hours.

Therefore, they are now ready for some fuel to do the jobs they were designed to do.  Otherwise, your body slows down all of your systems and leaves you feeling lethargic. That is why you need high protein breakfast foods.

High Protein Breakfast Foods

High Protein Breakfast Diet

We have learned from research that high protein breakfast foods can help you sustain activity all day long.

Protein is an essential component found in every body cell including nails and hair. It is also required to repair damaged tissues. Consuming a high protein diet can also help to build and strengthen muscles. It also produces a healthier cartilage.

Another reason why you need high protein breakfast foods is  because your body cannot store protein.  So, when there is a lack of protein in the body, there is nothing for it to draw on. Consuming high proteins during breakfast can provide adequate supply for one day.

High Protein Smoothie
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Protein Shakes

Smoothies for breakfast in your tight morning schedule are a very good way to keep you active all through the day. Just be sure to make them rich in protein. They usually contain a combination of nuts, milk and fruits. Other smoothies include a combination of multi-grains, milk and fruits.  These high protein breakfast foods in the form of beverages are fit for athletes because they help your body to build and maintain muscles. They also enhance digestion and sustain your body’s hydration.


One sure way to add 6 grams of protein  is to include one egg in your diet, every day.  Some people need to skip the yoke (the yellow part) to reduce their fat intake.  Also some people are allergic to the yoke and they only consume the white of the egg. A high protein source for your diet, eggs are also prescribed by American Heart Association as a must for a healthy heart.


Dairy products

Most dairy products are rich in protein, and in fact, there are several low fat and non-fat products that will keep you healthy and active the entire day. You can choose yogurt, milk or cheese for a protein rich diet. Pay attention to ensure that the high protein breakfast foods you choose are low on fat. These products also provide the body with essential calcium.


Nut butters are good combination with toasted bread and honey. Peanut and soy butter could give about 4 grams of protein per day. Almond butter is another tasty breakfast treat with good proteins.

Cheese and Omlette

Two scrambled eggs in milk with sprinkled cheese and a slice or two of bread toast topped with honey or nut butter is the best way to start your morning. This meal is really an ideal combination of high protein breakfast foods that are rich in protein and calcium. It also includes fiber to make your tummy feel full without rumbling.  That is a great way to keep you active all morning  or up to  lunchtime.

Soy Products

Many breakfast foods are made of soy products like soy milk, and breakfast cereals with added soy protein that can give you nearly 20 grams of protein in your daily dietary intake. For vegans, this is a good choice. Soy products like tofu and burgers and beans, too, pack quite a punch besides providing the body with necessary fiber to cut cholesterol levels. Learn ways to include miso and edame in your daily diet, too.



Fish is high in protein and good fats that will provide both energy to your body and boosters for active memory or in other words will enhance the better functioning of the brain. In fact, a piece of smoked salmon is a better alternative to  a sandwich.  Some fish, like salmon, are high on fat but are still better than red meat because fish fat is of the healthy variety known as omega-3 fatty acid. Mackerel and trout are also high in protein.

Traditional Breakfasts:

Traditional English breakfasts like sausages, ham and bacon with eggs are very good source of protein rich breakfast suggestions.

The average person needs only a small amount of protein for his/her everyday needs and this can be obtained from various food sources. Though foods like nuts, vegetables, meats, cheeses and milk contain protein in adequate quantity, the fat content in these foods is also very high. If you are looking for a weight-loss diet then a low fat and high protein breakfast is the best one for you. For this, the healthier choice is to include high protein cereals instead of fatty meats or diary products like milk, butter and cheeses.

High Protein Breakfast Recipes

A healthy breakfast will include one serving of dairy product or a high calcium food, one serving of a whole grain or multigrain carbohydrate, and one serving of fruit.

Some classical examples of this combination are:

  • Multi grain cereal with lots of strawberries or blueberries topped with milk.
  • One whole-wheat burrito with low fat cheddar cheese sprinkled over. A warm cup of milk and a few slices of fresh orange. This breakfast is rich in protein, vitamin C, calcium, fiber and other antioxidants.
  • A low fat muffin with a glass of latte filled with skimmed milk.
  • A high protein grain bar with an apple and a glass of chilled milk.
  • A scrambled egg, a cup of fresh fruit salad, one wheat roll and a cup of milk.
  • A cup of fresh blueberries with fat-free yogurt, and a slice of whole-wheat toast topped with fruit spread.
  • A wheat bagel with light spread cream cheese and jam; a cup of peach yogurt will complement this nutritious breakfast.

Jiffy Breakfast

A cup of fruit smoothie blended with strawberries and a sliced banana with a scoop of health drink powder with or without crushed ice. This is rich in antioxidants.  You can add flavor with mint and make it rich in calcium by blending in a cup of yogurt.

High Protein Breakfast Cereal

High protein breakfast cereals include a high protein diet. This includes many grains that are packed with amino acids and micronutrients. Even in small amounts these vitamins and minerals are essential to keep your body healthy.

For overall health, fibrous foods are equally important along with high protein diet. A lack of fiber can result in constipation. Therefore, high protein diet combined with cereals and added fiber is considered the best option for overall health. Adding high protein cereals to your breakfast diet is certainly one of the best ways to get the benefits of protein without having to add too much high fat or sugar. Moreover, the high protein diet should not be continued for more than six months at a stretch as the body may become biologically used to the diet and the expected results are not noticed.

A low carb and  high protein breakfast is considered the best option when trying to lose weight. This type of diet includes fruits and vegetables. But this can’t be continued for a long period because by reducing carbohydrates, the body can lose antioxidants and nutrients needed for fighting diseases. Reducing carbohydrates intake can also increase the risk for diabetes, cancer and heart problems. The signs of old age develop at a quicker rate and also the body’s natural immune system functions may suffer leaving the body vulnerable for external and internal damage.


A bowl full of cereals and milk topped with fruit and nuts is really a very good healthy breakfast. This fiber and milk combination will keep your bowel movements in very good condition.

Sweetened Brown Rice

A bowl of sweetened brown rice has a very high content of protein. It is rich in Vitamin B complexes and is a great source of fiber. To add value to the nutrition, a spoonful of honey, a handful of raisins, sliced apple and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  You can also do this with rye, quinoa, millet, red wheat, buckwheat, barley or oats.

High protein breakfast foods will allow easy digestion and fill up the body with all active amino acids required for the body after eight to six hours of fasting. That is why they are called break fast. This is the meal to  “break” the  “fast” of night’s rest. [2]


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