Baby – 7 Months Old

How Your Baby is Growing?

Your baby is growing faster than you could have imagined. Each day he is learning new things and exploring new abilities. Also now there is a fixed routine for the day. A 7 month old schedule for the day is more tiring than a full day at office. Since your 7 month old is constantly on the move, you need to be very careful and never leave him unattended especially on high surfaces like the bed or changing table. With each month your baby is achieving newer milestones of the child development chart. Your little cruiser is all over the place and his movement around the house will only increase in the coming months. So, it is now time that you start thinking about baby proofing your house and remove all low lying shelf items that your baby 7 months old could potentially pull down as he reaches for a support to stand up. He has become playful and fun and loves throwing toys and seeing them go down. You may already be talking in the tune of don’t throw that…. And don’t pull your sisters hair. Well the list is only going to increase from here. The noise and the fun is going to increase as your baby turns 7 months old.

Baby 7 Months Old Movements
Baby 7 Months Old Movements

Baby 7 Months Old – Growth and Development

  • Feeding: 7 month old food is something you are probably searching online these days. For all first time mothers, one question that keeps hovering in their minds is, what food to give baby at 7 months age. Well, your baby is now eating a variety of foods in the mashed form. As his teeth come, you can make the chunks of food bigger and gradually by the age of one, transition the baby to normal homemade food. Breast feeding should be continued till at least one year of age. If you wish to continue beyond that too, you can. The feeding sessions are shorter now and your baby 7 months old is easily distracted by his surroundings. Along with three meals a day, you should feed the baby 3-4 times a day.
  • Sleep: 7 month old baby sleep schedule is much better than the one at month one. Because by now your baby is sleeping longer hours at night and you are getting the much needed rest. Sometimes babies wake up more around this time due to teething as they may have swollen and itchy gums. But that is temporary and will pass soon.
  • Movements: This month the new movements will be taking a step or two and beginning to crawl. Or your baby might just push himself ahead on the floor and reach for that toy. His head control has improved a lot so he can sit unsupported now. Initially you must make him sit propped with pillows and see how he does independently. With sitting, a lot of things will happen. Your little one will love to sit and play simple games with you, make a stack of blocks or simply throw things around. This will also improve intellectual development in children.

How is Your Life Changing?

You are now enjoying this phase where your baby has started responding and ready to learn newer things. Give your baby 7 months old the chance to learn by giving him some safe toys and playing hide and seek games with him. Read a book daily and see his response grow each day.

You will also begin to feel a special bond as you notice the first few signs of separation anxiety. Your baby may suddenly begin to cry when you leave the room as he may feel insecure without you being around. Talk to your baby and reassure him that you will be back soon. Do this frequently when you go to the loo. Gradually he will understand that you go but after a while you come back. This will give him the much needed sense of security. You may also notice this at night as your baby may wake to look for you and may want to sleep touching you or close to you. Allow them to sleep that way and give them the sense of safety. At this age (baby 7 months old) they thrive on it.

Your trips to the supermarket also have gotten easier than before as your baby enjoys looking around. Wear your baby and take him for outings and evening walks as the external stimuli will help him grow and make him and you feel refreshed. Take a jog every morning and you are sure to fit into those old jeans soon.

Baby 7 Months High Chair
Baby 7 Months High Chair

Important for This Month

  • Teething: Teething is one of the important baby milestones. Babies have a habit of putting everything into their mouth because that is how they feel and experience a particular thing. It is the first special sense to arrive and will be followed by smell, taste discrimination etc. Another reason that all the toys will be going into the mouth is teething. Your little one could be getting his first teeth and may have swollen itchy gums. So putting a toy or a piece of cloth in the mouth may make him feel better. There are some signs of teething that you could tell you that those little two teeth are on their way:
    1. Red swollen gums which may be itchy and cause discomfort at night
    2. Drooling and excessive saliva that may even lead to a rash on the chin
    3. Biting at the hands and toys furiously
    4. Putting everything within his reach into the mouth and biting on it.

    You could help him by giving a teething ring or a water filled tether that can be cooled. The cool tether will help to reduce the inflammation of the gums and also soothe the itching. A cool washcloth will also serve the purpose. Make sure you clean the tether and other small toys with warm water so that they are not a source of infection for the baby. Use bibs and keep the face dry at all times to prevent a rash.

  • Games and books: Your baby loves predictability now. So play with simple toys, follow simple sequences and see him smile away. Hide a toy with a napkin and then remove the napkin, do this a few times and then see him try to find it. Read books with large colorful prints over and over again. Early reading helps the child in multiple ways as it instills a good habit, stimulates his brain and also helps in building up a vocabulary. These are some of the best activities for seven month old baby.
  • Weaning foods: You have started your little one on top foods and hope that you are both enjoying the new messy challenges. Your baby is likely to get bored very soon so keep updating your menu with new mashed food combinations. Introduce fruits in a pureed or boiled mashed form. Mix two vegetable purees and ensure that throughout the day he gets a variety of food. Make a habit of putting your baby 7 months old in the high chair when you feed him so that he is upright. Also you can offer small finger foods on the table top and watch him pick it up and bring it to the mouth. There may be some hits and misses but most of it will land into your baby’s mouth. There is a concept of bay led weaning that is popular these days where you let the baby feed himself. It is a messy concept but the baby learns to eat faster and better in the long run. You may choose to feed your baby 7 months old and that is equally good depending on what suits you.


Developmental milestones are an indicator that your baby is growing well and they are seen around the same time in most babies. If any milestone is delayed you need not worry as every baby is unique and grows at his own pace.

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