4 Weeks Pregnant

4 Weeks Pregnant

When you are  4 weeks pregnant, there are many more changes happening in your body and all the  4 weeks pregnant symptoms will start appearing. In this week, you will be able to easily diagnose your pregnancy, if you had missed checking at the end of 3 weeks. The pregnancy symptoms at 4 weeks will usually be an increase in fatigue, nausea and morning sickness. At the same time, it should be remembered that there are some women who may not have any pregnancy symptoms at 4 weeks at all.

How Your Baby is Growing This Week?

4 Weeks Pregnant
4 Weeks Pregnant

The 4th week commences the embryonic period of your pregnancy. From this week up to the 10th week, all the major organs of your baby will start developing, some of which may also start to function. During this time, between the 4th and the 10th week of pregnancy, your baby is most vulnerable to anything which may interfere in her basic developments.

The embryo during this week is the exact size of a small poppy seed. It consists of 2 layers namely, the epiblast and hypoblast which in the coming weeks give rise to all her important organs and body parts. The placenta contains 2 layers which includes cells and microscopic tunnels into the uterus of the mother, thus making the pathway for blood to flow into the embryo. This hence provides the embryo with oxygen and all the essential nutrients needed for the complete development of your baby.

The amniotic sac is home to your growing baby, the amniotic fluid and the yolk sac. The amniotic fluid cushions your baby, protecting it from all types of shocks, while the yolk sac produces the red blood cells in your baby and delivers nutrients to it, until the placenta develops completely.

Changes in Your Body at 4 Weeks Pregnant

Of course, there are many body changes during pregnancy at 4 weeks, but a  4 weeks pregnant belly is something that you can only imagine. This is because 4 weeks is a little too early for a pregnancy belly. The symptoms that you felt can also be related to various body changes in pregnancy week 4. The week 4 pregnancy symptoms and related body changes are increased appetite. Many people will say that you are now eating for 2 people, but this does not mean that the fetus at 4 weeks will require excessive nutrition. A normal healthy diet plan with adequate nutritious food is enough at this stage of pregnancy. The pregnancy symptoms week 4 will also include food cravings and even aversions. This is surprising because you will suddenly like a particular food and you may stop liking some of your favorite foods. The abdominal and back pain at pregnancy 4 weeks can also be accompanied by hot flashes. The normal  4 weeks pregnant ultrasound will show the fetus developing and it will still be too early to expect a heart beat from the fetus at this stage.

Week 4 Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

When you are four weeks pregnant, there are some characteristic signs and symptoms that appear. The symptoms of pregnancy at 4 weeks include:

When you are cramping  4 weeks pregnant, it is a normal aspect of pregnancy. The lower back pain early pregnancy sign will continue for a long time too. The  4 weeks pregnant signs symptoms could also include bloating and back pain. These are the normal four weeks pregnant symptoms and you need not be scared about these. Many women wonder is lower back pain normal in early pregnancy? The answer is yes it is normal and you can lie in comfortable positions or use external pain balm applications to relieve these uncomfortable symptoms.

The  4 weeks pregnant cramping and all the other 4 week pregnancy symptoms occur because of the increased levels of various hormones in the body. The first week of pregnancy symptoms are nothing compared to 4 week pregnancy symptoms. If you are pregnant for the first time, you will be surprised by the various 4 week pregnancy symptoms that you have.

Cramping 4 Weeks Pregnant
Cramping 4 Weeks Pregnant

Differences Between Normal and Abnormal Symptoms

The pregnancy symptoms 4 weeks and at 4 weeks 4 days pregnant will all be the same and there may not be any major changes within a matter of few days. The 4 weeks pregnancy symptoms can also go awry at times for some women. So, you should note the ectopic pregnancy symptoms 4 weeks, if present. There are some symptoms at  4 weeks pregnant that can mean that your pregnancy is not going right.  4 weeks pregnant and cramping is normal, but other than cramping, if there is severe stomach pain for a week, a different kind of nausea when compared to the nausea during implantation and severe bleeding, the symptoms are considered abnormal. They can be signs of miscarriage at 4 weeks. So, you should be able to differentiate between normal first weeks of pregnancy symptoms and the ones that are abnormal. Any abnormal symptoms should make you run to your doctor as soon as possible to prevent any tragic situations.

Diagnostic Tests and Ultrasound Results in Week 4 of Pregnancy

Though you will not have any 2 weeks pregnant belly, when you are 4 week pregnant, there could be some external signs of a belly, though very minimal. The ultrasound tests are indicated in the 4th week of pregnancy and you will be able to view the embryo at 4 weeks that is rapidly developing inside the womb. The 4 week embryo or the baby at  4 weeks pregnant is very small and is still developing steadily and rapidly. The  4 weeks pregnant signs and 4 week pregnant symptoms can be extreme in some women, but when you see the embryo during the ultrasound after the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, all the troubles that you face with various uncomfortable signs and symptoms will all disappear. Instead, you will feel an elation that is unmatched by any other feeling that you would have felt. During your next ultrasound scan, you will be able to see the heartbeat of your lovely baby.

Pregnancy Health Tips

  • Follow a proper and balanced diet, inclusive of fruits, vegetables and proteins. Eat vegetables that also provide you an ample amount of folic acid.
  • Don’t take any medications without your gynecologist’s prescription. Certain medications can be harmful for your growing embryo.
  • Take rest and avoid doing any heavy physical exercises. Your regular walks and basic exercises which don’t add stress to your body are recommendable.
  • Continue taking your pre-natal medications without fail.

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4 Weeks Pregnant
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4 Weeks Pregnant
When you are 4 weeks pregnant, the pregnancy symptoms become prominent compared to the previous weeks. The blastocyst now enters the embryonic stage.
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